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Data Security Policy

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The purpose of this policy is to outline the framework for protecting the confidentiality of all data accessed by Dork 2 Door LLC (“Company”). This policy also includes the roles and responsibilities that employees need to fulfill to build and foster a strong security culture for the Customer.


This policy applies to the Company’s employees, business partners, Customers, and all other individuals or entities with access to the company’s systems and data. This policy covers any other systems and devices that hold Customer sensitive data or interconnections of the company’s networks and systems.

Policy Statement

    All individuals and entities covered by this policy will treat any sensitive data or information of the company, its employees, business partners, Customers, or any related entities with confidentiality at all times. Such data or information includes, but is not limited to, personal data, financial statements, & client databases.
    The company’s team of experts will identify specific security classification levels according to each confidential data’s level of sensitivity. These classification levels should be in accordance with legal and regulatory obligations.
    • ACCESS
      The team must grant authorized individuals or entities easy access to any confidential information while maintaining its security as per its assigned classification level. They will protect all confidential information from any individuals or entities whom the principles of “need to know” and least privilege do not apply. The team will restrict access to any confidential data or information according to the assigned security classification level.


      The team must ensure at all times that the established security controls and protocols that help secure the company’s data and information systems are not only up-to-date but also fully functional and risk-free.

      The team is required to secure then report any breach or violation of this policy to the Customer.

      The team will review and update this policy, as well as all covered processes and strategies, regularly through the aid of penetration tests and internal audits.

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